Musink Tattoo Convention March 4-6

I will be working the Musink Tattoo convention in Costa Mesa California this comming weekend, March 4-6. I will be working with Johnny Vampotna from Clandestine Rabbit. We will be¬†tattooing at the “To Die For” booth. I painted this flash sheet for the convention, I will just be doing the designs off of this sheet. I will also have prints of the sheet for sale. I also will be selling the original painting of the Rose/Snake/Dagger. Prints will be available for that as well. I will have the O’Reilly’s shop poster for sale. Cruz by and say whats up. Thanks friends!

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Trying to stay up on my webpage….thanks for looking folks.

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A Few New Tattoos

Some really fun projects. A few in progress and a few finished. I will be posting more stuff soon. Have been busy drawing and painting. I book out about one and a half to two months so call the shop to set something up. I will be doing quite a bit of traveling this year so the spots fill up fast. Thanks again to all of my awesome customers. You guys rule!

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Birdy & Flowers

Did this guy start to finish today so my client could show his Mom at Christmas.

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Butterfly Gypsy

Finished this last week. My client wants to do a sleeve of all fun traditional tattoos. Looking forward to this project.

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Fancy Script

Just did this script on my homegirl the other day.

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Mr Lucky & Fancy Rose Tattoos

What we have here is a healed photo of a rose I did a few weeks ago, and a Mr Lucky tattoo. Both really fun zaps. I love my job. I have the best customers, way cooler than Dan Wysuphs.

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Bird and Rose Tattoo

This was a great way to start off after a two week vacation. I had fun with this zap. I also want to thank all of our Vets, past and present. #LTD 1891

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Back to work!!

Just caught up on East Bound and Down. Back to making plaques in the morning. Let’s get into it. Good to be back home.

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Here are a few shots from around Sydney. I am making this post on a ferry with WiFi. Just cruzed past the Opera House. Heading to Manly beach area for the day.

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